Your Body is a Key to Presence

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Your body is sacred.

Did you know that your body is a key to presence? When you’re in your body, you can’t be in the past or the future. When you’re in your body, you’re present.
Take a moment to check in with your body and notice what happens. Maybe your breath deepens, you release some tension, or you notice the ground beneath your feet. Become aware of the shifts without making yourself wrong for how your body feels.
Our bodies are truly miraculous. At any given moment, our hearts pump blood, our lungs exchange oxygen for CO2, our livers process nutrients. We have 30 trillion cells dividing, regenerating, and renewing, all without our conscious awareness.
The body is excellent at running in the background, yet it’s also in constant communication with the mind. The brain and body send electrical signals through the nervous system, creating a communication network that regulates and balances all of our functions.
We have the power to tune into the body’s innate intelligence through our senses and feeling nature. When we become aware, listen, and feel sensations in the body, we receive its incredibly helpful messages.
Being in the body is challenging because the body stores emotions, trauma, and suppressed memories, often from childhood. The mind produces infinite distractions so we can avoid facing difficult experiences from our past. The habit of avoidance pushes stored trauma deeper into the body, which may eventually manifest as chronic pain or disease.
There is another way. Meditation is an antidote to the mind’s distraction and an anchor to the body. When we meditate, we calm the mind and the nervous system. We slow down the brain-body communication network enough to experience sensations without labeling them as pain and rejecting them.
This is the essence of the expression “feel it to heal it.” We have to feel what’s happening in the body to notice the patterns we don’t need anymore and let them go. As your Meditation Coach, I support you to notice, clarify, and release your own patterns without getting caught up in stories and judgements. It’s difficult to see ourselves objectively when healing because our perspective is colored by our own perceptions. This isn’t bad – it’s part of being human. Introducing a grounded, objective individual in a meditative state (that’s me!) allows feelings and patterns to come up and out of your system without getting stuck in emotions like fear or shame.
In Meditation Coaching, we practice being in the body through breath and body awareness. We track emotions and beliefs along with physical sensations. In this way, you strengthen your awareness and learn to tune into your internal communication network. Once you’ve developed this skill, it will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Your body loves you and wants you to be healthy and happy. Meditating coaching is a pathway to feeling your body, opening your body, and receiving it’s caring messages. Once you’re in your body, you’re present – the only place there is to be.
Do you feel inspired to strengthen, heal, and rejuvenate your mind-body connection through Meditation Coaching? I would be honored to journey with you! Send me a message with questions or check out my services to find what’s best for you.
Lots of love!

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