It’s Time to Shift the Paradigm – Let’s Honor Women in Web3

empowered women in web3
MetaFest, Dubrovnik, Croatia > August 2023

We have a golden opportunity.

At the core of our society’s imbalance is the imbalance of feminine & masculine energy. Feminine & masculine energy are equal & meant to be in balance, as stated by Divine law.
This Truth is reflected in the Chinese concept of yin & yang. The Quaran states that those who do good & have faith, whether female or male, will enter Paradise. Eve was not fashioned from Adam’s rib as an inferior being. She was his Equal.

Each of us (women & men) have feminine & masculine energy within us. Feminine energy is described as flow, heart-centered, open, allowing, soft & nurturing. Masculine energy is characterized as structured, disciplined, productive, doing & achieving.
For too long, distorted masculine energy has dominated over repressed feminine energy. This manifests in each of us as individuals & ripples into our structures, systems & society.
This must change now. We are not gonna make it until women are honored and respected as the Divine beings we are. Men are Divine beings too! We are EQUAL.
The Earth is feminine. She is our Mother. She is speaking to us through fires & floods, alerting us it’s time to wake up. It’s time for feminine & masculine energy to balance & harmonize.
The equitable future we’re creating via web3 calls for the balance of feminine & masculine. In my experience, the current web3 environment does not fully honor & respect women. This is not ok. We must do better. It will take individual & collective action.
On an individual level, we need time for silence & contemplation. We need to express our creative energy in healthy ways. We need awareness of personal boundaries.
On a collective level, we need women-only spaces to speak without fear of retribution. We need safe spaces for open dialogue between women & men. We need intentional time in Nature. We need to be quiet & listen to each other.
If we want to make it, we must do the work. We must build a strong foundation. Imagine building a house with one side of the foundation raised above the other. This is how our current society is built, with masculine dominating over feminine in personal habits, work, politics & healthcare. The house is falling apart.
We have a golden opportunity to shift the paradigm. It is within our capacity. We are the Rainbow Warriors. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
If you’re ready to create the bright future we dream of, meditation is a great place to start. Meditation develops self-awareness, listening, patience, compassion & empathy. Meditation is an essential item to pickup for our quest.
Through Apple Tree Meditation, I empower individuals & teams to tune into self-awareness, inner resources & energetic sovereignty through meditation. You can check out my services & book a free discovery session here to explore how a customized meditation program can serve you.
As women, let’s come together & assess what we need to feel safe, respected & honored in the web3 ecosystem.
I’m hosting a Web3 Women’s Circle on Tuesday, September 5th from 5-7pm CET/ 11am-1pm EST. We will connect, share our experiences, discuss our values & plant seeds for a healthy web3 ecosystem for all. You can register for the Zoom session here. Please share with your network & I hope you will join us.



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