Invite Yin Energy to your Workplace

Yin and yang.

Balance your Yang with some Yin.

Yin (feminine) & yang (masculine) are complementary energies of existence. We all have yin & yang energy within us, as do plants, animals, organizations, cultures, & societies.
When yin & yang are present & balanced, we experience wholeness. When one energy dominates over the other, we experience imbalance.
Yin energy is described as flow, heart-centered, open, allowing, soft & nurturing.
Yang energy is characterized as structured, disciplined, productive, doing & achieving.
As individuals & groups, we need both yin & yang. The modern workplace is overly yang, emphasizing intensity, ambition, & making things happen. Yin energy is expansive & opens opportunities for connection, creative insights, & synchronicities.
When we invite yin energy into the workplace, we open the doors to balance, ease, & smooth, sustainable growth.
Invite yin into your workplace with the suggestions below. Practice individually or as a team to create a culture of balance & flow.
1. Begin meetings with meditation
As little as 1-2 minutes of meditation can shift the trajectory of your meeting. Kick it off by playing this 2 min meditation audio or guide your own mini-meditation. When we take a moment to slow down, breathe, & come into our bodies, we become present. We listen & have greater capacity to contribute. Settings a few minutes aside for meditation can supercharge the productivity of your meeting.
2. Create space for vulnerability
Healthy & ethical organizational culture is the new standard. Vulnerability creates trust in relationships & enhances cohesion & synergy within teams. If your team feels comfortable to open up, share & speak honestly, people spend less time worrying or feeling resentful & more time collaborating & creating. Accountability & feedback at all levels are important components of healthy work culture.
3. Introduce unstructured creativity sessions
Humans crave freedom, fun & play. Through unstructured creativity sessions, your team accesses new ideas, possibilities, & solutions. Dealing with a challenging client or working on a new product design? Try bringing your team together in an open format to imagine, draw, listen to music & bounce ideas around. Consistency builds energetic connections between teammates & elevates your team as a whole.
4. Encourage movement
Movement moves energy. Going for a walk, practicing yoga, or simple stretching moves energy through your body & brain. This relieves stagnancy, revitalizes the mind & promotes health. Try scheduling a lunch-time walk or mid-afternoon stretch to circulate & bring fresh energy into your work day.
It’s time to invite yin energy to the workplace. The soft, spacious energy of yin holds the structure of your business, generates renewal & nurtures sustainable growth.
Apple Tree Meditation supports teams to create balanced, harmonious work cultures that embrace both yin & yang energies. Visit me at for individual & group services.
Namaste 🙂

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