Meditation Supports Impact Blockchain

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Impact Blockchain Conference – L’academie du Climat – Paris – 7.20.2023

The first annual Impact Blockchain Conference convened scientists, builders, artists, industry, institutions & citizens at the Climate Academy in Paris to explore how impact blockchain tackles issues across 5 avenues – energy, climate, agriculture, finance & identity.
Blockchain & web3 are already Solving Problems
Blockchain & web3 ideas can sound abstract, but these tools are already functioning & solving problems in our world. These 5 projects are examples of blockchain impact IRL.
  • Grassroots Economics – a nonprofit empowering communities to take charge of their economic future with community currencies
  • Ethica – an ecosystem for people to invest & participate in early stage ESG projects & initiatives
  • Open Earth – a nonprofit crafting digital systems in areas like carbon pricing, marine biodiversity & solar energy
  • Simbiotica Finance – the world’s firs web3 impact aggregator
  • Psilocydia – the first public database for Psilocybe cubensis (magic mushroom) genomic data
For me, the most exciting conversation was an Institutions & Impact Web3 panel where institutions & blockchain builders agreed that collaboration is desired & achievable. There was consensus that trust, a step-by-step approach, & relevant applications such as a verifiable carbon market are pathways to partnership.
I also loved my time with the Body Mind Guild experiencing the transformative power of movement & dance to release stress, awaken body-mind connection & embrace empathy.
You are Essential to the Movement
An important point stressed throughout the conference is the need for participation & bottom-up activism. Blockchain & web3 are decentralized, which means everyone has equal access & no one is excluded. The crypto community has existed for over a decade & can seem inaccessible to newcomers. In mid-2023, exciting activity & project development is happening in the impact blockchain & ReFi (regenerative finance) space. Impact blockchain & ReFi are dedicated to addressing social & climate issues & creating a regenerative future for all. One of the core principles in this arena is participatory design – an approach that includes end-users in the design process. Other examples of inclusion are liberating structures workshops & a new crowd-funding mechanism called Quadratic Funding.
A more concrete example of the call for participation is community microgrids. This model enables peer-to-peer trading of solar electricity on the blockchain. For this energy solution to become a reality, building owners & residents must opt-in.
The impact blockchain community values participation from a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives, & opinions because we all live together on Earth. By participating, you play a role in how the technology takes shape. You don’t have to be technical or buy crypto to get involved – you can start by contributing with your awareness, attention & interest. Check out projects & join the conversation, you might just discover a community or passion that lights you up.
Meditation supports the Work
The challenges faced by blockchain & web3 builders are similar to workers in other fields, yet amplified. Creators work hard, consider complex issues, spend long hours at the computer, experience interpersonal challenges with colleagues & are subject to constant distractions. Meditation & energy work offer an antidote to these blockers in the following ways.
  • Replenish your natural inner resources (energy) so you can feel good & do good
  • Create space for deep listening, communication, & coordination, especially in remote work environments
  • Open portals of creativity for ideating & brainstorming innovative solutions
  • Cultivate empathy, facilitating synergy between individuals & groups
  • Root us into Earth so we develop tangible solutions addressing real world problems
Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie, an individual or a team, meditation can support you in your blockchain & web3 journey. Meditation teaches us to honor & trust ourselves so we make decisions & take action from within. Each of us is a microcosm of planet Earth, the macrocosm. We must care for ourselves in order to care for Earth. The current issues on our planet are catalyzing novel solutions & ways of being. Decentralization calls for us each to embody our unique value & potential, contributing to the collective from a place of wholeness & balance.
My experience at the Impact Blockchain Conference was a ton of fun & deeply inspiring. I’m confident that meditation will become a core element supporting the wellbeing of creators, the evolution of existing projects, & the integration of newcomers to the space. The more the merrier!
I offer meditation coaching for individuals & teams through Apple Tree Meditation. Check out my services or schedule an intro call to connect & discover how we can collaborate. I’d love to hear from you!

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