Meditation Supports Teamwork, Impact, & Earnings

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Meditate at work for calm, communication, creativity & joy.

Meditation is a self-development tool that improves your team’s function, flow, & productivity. Meditation has been proven to counteract stress & burnout, improve health, increase collaboration, encourage creativity, & improve quality of work. As little as 1-3 minutes of meditation a day can make a difference for your team. Read on to find out how.
1. Meditation Evokes Calmness
Workplace stress & burnout are common in our culture. When we meditate, we learn to relax the body & release tension. Meditation downregulates the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest). When we practice meditation, we become resilient to stressors including deadlines, presentations, & difficult conversations, among others. We learn to become centered in ourselves, maintaining calmness & balance at work.
2. Meditation Improves Communication
Meditation is a listening practice. We become quiet, still, & learn to listen with greater clarity. Effective communication is essential for successful teamwork, especially in the age of remote work. Even if we’re not in the same room, state, or country, when we meditate together, our energy synchronizes. This allows for greater flow & seamless communication, improving workplace relationships & increasing productivity.
3. Meditation Generates Creativity
Meditation provides access to realms of creativity beyond the rational mind. It bring us into the present moment, the space that spurs true innovation. Many tasks we perform at work are linear & structured in nature. Meditation opens us up to the unknown, the yet-to-be-created, & infinite possibilities. Beginning a brainstorming or mind meld session with meditation is incredibly supportive to generate creativity.
4. Meditation Increases Joy
People who meditate are happy! Meditation increases positive emotions like compassion, empathy, optimism, & love, rewiring the brain to favor these positive traits. When we meditate consistently, we feel peace & harmony in every day situations – like work. Happier employees are more motivated, efficient, productive, & fun to be around. Meditation improves your workplace culture & your bottom line.
Offering workplace meditation is an investment in your team’s wellbeing & productivity. Meditation elevates your company to the next level, activating creativity, stimulating new ideas, harmonizing relationships, & supercharging impact & earnings.
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