What is Meditation Coaching?

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Weave meditation into the fabric of your life.

Meditation Coaching is more than meditation. It’s the integration of meditation, coaching, and energy healing, a multidisciplinary approach that promotes self-awareness and inner transformation. Meditation alone is powerful, and meditation coaching takes you deeper as you connect with your energy, your voice, and your truth.
In a meditation coaching session, we begin with guided meditation, becoming fully present, relaxed, and harmonized. Grounded and centered, we enter the coaching phase. You are free to explore anything in your life – relationships, work, emotions, health – nothing is off limits. You lead sessions according to your inner wisdom, while I listen and ask questions to support you in accessing your truth. In the space of meditative awareness you are empowered to illuminate your own solutions, without the influence of outside opinions and judgments.
During or after coaching, we practice more meditation or energy healing. Meditation gently brings emotions, beliefs, and desires to the surface for examination. Energy healing facilitates the flow of stagnant energy (aka prana or qi) in the body, stimulating awareness and wellbeing.
Meditation coaching is transformative because it uncovers parts of ourselves that we’ve suppressed due to stress and trauma, something we all experience. We see, welcome, and integrate all parts of ourselves, unifying our energy and becoming whole.
Meditation alone brings moments of peace, but doesn’t create the same opportunities for self-insight. Working with a meditation coach creates a mirror for you to clearly see yourself, as you are. With this awareness, you access your truth, shift patterns, and release habits that aren’t serving you. You develop an inspired meditation practice to support you day-to-day, open to a graceful flow, and manifest the life you want and deserve.
I love meditation coaching because I love witnessing the inspiration, beauty, and imperfection that exists in each one of us. Through meditation coaching we learn to truly love ourselves. It’s an honor for me to experience this expansion with you as your coach, teammate, and fellow explorer.
Meditation coaching is a life-changing practice. It peels back layers, allows our authenticity to emerge, and creates positive transformation that ripples into families, friendships, communities, and the world.
Have questions or want to learn more? Send me a note at eve@appletreemeditation.com.
If you’re ready to experience the magic of meditation coaching, I offer discovery sessions as well as one & six month programs. You can check them out here.
Thank you & much love!

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