Activate your Heart of Compassion

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The seed of compassion resides in your heart.

Your heart of compassion is like the ocean. It extends outward from your center, infinitely, in every direction.
It’s boundless and limitless. Activating your heart of compassion begins with feeling its seed within you. You can do this through meditation.
Lately, I’ve been practicing Loving Kindness meditation, an ancient Buddhist practice. My experience sitting with this simple practice is profound. In just 5 minutes, I feel my heart open with compassion and my outlook on life brighten.
I’ve learned that the most important part of Loving Kindness is the beginning – the part where I extend loving compassion to myself. When I’m not compassionate with myself, extending compassion to others feels empty and shallow. It doesn’t add up; something’s missing.
Self-compassion is challenging. For me, it used to be impossible. I always wanted myself to do more and be better. This way of being is exhausting! I couldn’t rest when I was never satisfied with myself.
Through meditation, I learn to become aware. When applied IRL, I become aware of my negative self-talk. The moment of awareness – “I’m not being kind to myself right now!” creates something infinitely powerful. It creates the opportunity to choose a different way, to choose compassion.
When I started practicing self-compassion, something interesting happened. My relentless self-criticisms and self-expectations began to lose steam. I challenged them, in my head or in my journal. I began to see through them. Eventually, they disintegrated, like mist.
Self-compassion is an ongoing, daily practice. Criticisms and negativity still come up. Now, it’s easier for me to catch them, disarm them, and dismantle them. The process itself is fulfilling and enjoyable.
Loving Kindness is a simple and elegant portal to compassion, lovingly transmitted by centuries of meditators. I invite you to join me in this simple practice and notice how you feel in your heart, that source of love, the very center of your being.
Namaste! Enjoy 🙂

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