Meditation in Motion

three women dancing meditation

Dance, clean, walk, play music, garden - it's all meditation!

You don’t have to sit and be still to meditate. Through the power of your awareness and intention, you can meditate during any activity. Here are some of my favorite ways to meditate in motion.
For each of these practices, begin by anchoring yourself. Take a moment to sit or stand still, breathe deeply, and anchor your attention in your body. Set the positive intention to be present. As always, be compassionate when your mind drifts – returning to presence is the practice of meditation.
I love meditating while dancing! When we dance, we are present in our bodies. We connect to the here and now so we’re not pulled into past or future thinking. Dancing flows energy, alleviating stagnancy and tension in our bodies. Dancing is joyful! Following our joy is essential for an inspired meditation practice and a fulfilling life.
Do you ever get “in the zone” while you’re cleaning? Cleaning is an opportunity to become completely absorbed in a simple task. This calm, focused, productive state is a state of meditation. You can practice cleaning meditation while washing dishes, scrubbing floors, or doing the laundry. Breathe, stay present with your body, and feel the moment. Play some music to make it fun! You can even dance between chores for a combo dance yourself clean meditation 🙂
Walking meditation is practiced in Buddhist and yoga traditions. Imagine a wise sage walking by the Ganges river at sunrise. We can be this wise sage, too! Walking meditation is slower and more intentional than a typical walk. Keep a steady pace and be mindful of the sensations you feel in your body. Take in the scenery while maintaining an inward focus. When your mind wanders, bring it back to your walking and breathing (with compassion). Be with the process – there is nowhere to go and nothing to achieve. Parks, beaches, and natural areas are wonderful settings for walking meditation.
Making or Listening to Music
Music activates our brains! It improves emotional regulation, reduces anxiety and depression, and boosts memory. Making and listening to music releases neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin – it makes us feel good. When we play music, our vibration harmonizes with its frequency. Making your own music is especially powerful because it strengthens your left-right brain pathways, takes you beyond your routine, and engages your creativity. Plus, it’s super fun! I recently started djembe (drum) and voice lessons with Drum Temple and it’s been life-changing.
Gardening meditation allows us to go outside, connect with the elements of nature, and serve the earth. Being outside naturally grounds us, calms the mind, and supports a flow state where we receive guidance and inspiration. We resonate with the rhythm and harmony of nature. Meditating while gardening creates the opportunity to touch the soil, breath fresh air, and feel the power of water. It tunes us into the cycles of life and supports self-reflection and inner awareness. Even if you don’t have access to a garden, you can practice gardening meditation while watering your house plants.
There are so many ways to meditate. With your awareness and your intention, you can meditate during any activity. Through meditation coaching, we design a creative meditation practice that you love – including meditation in motion. I would love to support you to go deeper with meditation and apply your practice toward self-insight, transformation, and inner freedom. Check out my services here.
Lots of love!

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